Rostec Academy has a close-knit team of professionals ready to coordinate their forces at any moment to solve any problem posed to them.

Elena Romanova

General Director
25 years experience in various business spheres - personnel management, project management, sales. Completed a number of major reorganization projects: culture and motivation system changes, organizational structure and management system changes.
Natalia Beloborodova

First Deputy General Director

16 years experience in HR assessment and development, successful experience of cooperation with large companies. Natalia repeatedly participated as a leader in complex projects on forming organizations personnel pool, created talent management systems.
Maria Bantysheva

Chief Financial Officer

15 years experience in managing organizations' financial assets, budgeting, accounting and reporting automation. Participated in the development of the Innopraktika financial model.
Yulia Shikova
Vice-Rector for Training and Development
Over 20 years experience in strategic and operational management of large training centers (over 1 million graduates). Under Yulia's leadership large-scale social projects were implemented: training of observers and organizers of the USE (100,000+ people), building a corporate university, creating a learning test system for 96,000 polling stations, etc.
Ivan Zubakin

Director of the Organizational Diagnosis and Development Center

15 years experience in corporate culture organizational diagnosis and development, change management, improving departmental effectiveness, and building internal communication channels.
Andrey Batrimenko

Director of New Product Development Center

Expert in accelerator programs development and personnel training. Has extensive experience in consulting and project support, startup and development of acceleration programs, attracting and developing high-tech startups.
Artem Oleynik

Director of Digital Technologies

Over 15 years experience in information technology. Led projects in automation and implementation of information systems, built ITSM technical support services and organized work on information security.
Evgenia Surova

Head of the Educational and Methodical Center

8 years experience in personnel development: project management and complex programmes of personnel development, development and carrying out training programs and business trainings, project analytical sessions.
Ekaterina Lobasevich

Director of HR Diagnostic Center

16 years experience in personnel recruitment, assessment and development. Expert in the assessment of middle and senior managers of large manufacturing companies, has extensive experience in developing adaptation programs for new employees and conducting activities in the field of personnel assessment and development.